May 26th, 2008

Book of the Still

Things I would have posted at the weekend if I'd been online

  • I unexpectedly got to see the middle third of Eurovision and then the voting. There were a surprisingly large number of the songs I saw that I would not turn off if they came on The Hits. Iceland's in particular was a good fun bit of disco stuff.
  • Oh, LATVIA. Bless. I did actually burst out laughing at "We're scary and bold", because somehow "scary" was an utterly bathetic word to use at that point.
  • Terry Wogan sounded very depressed at the end, but I think it is mostly because of his mate Kevin Bishop leaving. Or at least I hope so. It would not be the same without him. (Also, at the end he mentioned "Andrew Cartmel" as one of the BBC team in Belgrade. Surely not that Andrew Cartmel, though? Does anyone know for sure?)
  • I am going to disagree with El Tel now. (I KNOW!) I do not believe in political voting in the Eurovision. Or at least not positive political voting in the era of popular rather than jury votes. Of course places with shared cultural heritage will have broadly similar tastes. And of course one of Russia's biggest stars has a huge following in countries near there. And it wasn't like it was a bad song. (I didn't think it was anything special -- of the two front runners, I would have preferred Greece to win, even if their contestant was clearly the result of some cloning experiment using samples of Britney, Christina and Shakira from the late '90s -- but it wasn't actively rubbish.) Negative political voting, on the other hand, I do believe in, and I think we almost certainly do suffer from it for obvious reasons. But I doubt there are many people whose vote at the next election is going to go to the party that is going to make is more likely to win the Eurovision. (Also, our main problem is using nobodies. Our only act not to win without having been previously famous was Bucks Fizz, and they had the skirt thing going for them.)
  • Adrian Suttil was robbed of his fourth place at Monaco (I do not watch the Grand Prix much but I am surrounded by people who do and I make an exception for The One With The Tunnel). Robbed, I say. OK, I had never even heard of him until the commentators started talking about how well he was doing, but it was gutting. I shall be supporting him from now on when I do walk past it being on. (OTOH, I have gone off Hamilton a LOT since we kept being told about how much he wanted to be like Senna, since I was brought up as a True Believer in Proust. [And now I'm having a whole Rule 34 moment about Proust/Senna. It must exist somewhere. Though probably not online, just in someone's bottom drawer or something.])
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To Do list for the rest of today:

  1. toobroadtoodeep prompts list (it's great to see so much love for the comics! I am totally counting any mention of Frobisher as comics love for these purposes.)
  2. Beg forgiveness from tardis_bigbang beta-ee for being utterly lame and see if she still wants comments. (waiting for response; karmic justice would be for it to come in July)
  3. Make all four of my telly, digibox, DVD and VCR talk to each other simultaneously. (This should not be as hard as it is turning out to be. I have done it before completely successfully, FFS.) (I'd forgotten to disbelieve the video's claim that it must must must be the last thing in the chain before the telly)
  4. Read this Lawrence Miles Doctor Who Inna Library script 'cos it looks interesting.
Time Zero


Right, I've just put up the claims post for toobroadtoodeep, the ficafest for the bits of Doctor Who that aren't on the telly. There are some really quite absurdly awesome prompts on there. To no one's great surprise, the most favoured TARDIS teams seem to be Seven/Ace/Hex and Eight/Fitz, though there's also a lot of love in there for the Perimem team, Six/Evelyn, Iris (yay!), Shayde, Frobisher and Sympathy for the Devil. (Sympathy for the Devil was my first ever BF, incidentally, and I do luff it to bits so that was great.) There are plenty of other bits of the canon to be explored too, so go claim! And then write! And then claim again ...