May 8th, 2008

martha and donna

Fic: Girls' Night Out, Girls' Night In (Martha/Donna, NC-17)

  1. I blame in_the_end entirely.
  2. I normally abominate smoosh names, but: Madonna, Y/HELL Y?
  3. There is a cameo at the end that lets me make a very tenuous claim for this being my contribution to Day O'Classic.

Title: Girls' Night Out, Girls' Night In
Author: ionlylurkhere
Pairing: Martha/Donna (with mentions of Martha/Tom, Martha/Ten and Donna/Ten for good measure)
Word count: 2700
Rating: somewhere between a hard R and a light NC-17 (for the obvious and a tiny bit of exhibitionist stuff)
Spoilers: Mild ones for everything up to "The Poison Sky".
Summary: Martha and Donna go out for the evening. Set between the main bit of "The Poison Sky" and that final TARDIS scene, if you squint quite a bit.

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