March 25th, 2008

Book of the Still

What this post is really about is me procrastinating

So I just impulse bought a bunch of DVDs at Virgin Megastore Zavvi because they were on sale for £9. Double figures are clearly an important psychological barrier.

  1. Primeval Season 1 Nine quid for nearly five hours of entertainment can't be bad! Can it? I caught half an ep of S2 a while back and Wikipedia-ing it later to try and make sense of WTF was going on made me think that maybe there might be things in the worldbuilding and the conspiracy theorising I'd enjoy. Plus I always secretly liked SClub (Don't Stop Moving got me through finals revision, so it did).
  2. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Entirely because I want to see how they did Galactus. After the first film (which I'll admit I saw in the non-ideal conditions of in-flight entertainment), I have no expectations of anything non-Galactus other than constantly re-recollecting that the actors have been much better in other things. And I'm probably going to be disappointed by Galactus. Annoyingly, I discovered later that this was only £6 at HMV. But never mind.
  3. Inferno Unlike the other two, this was not bought in the expectation of it being a bit shite, really. Inferno is one of my rotating Top Who Stories Ever and one of the few in that category not to be a Seven and Ace story, and the only reason I don't already have it is that I do have it on VHS and I've been trying to be good about not duplicating. But it's Inferno, dudes. It's got evil parallel universes (who needs goatees when you've got eyepatches) and dodgy werewolf-like-things and the sound of the planet screaming out its rage and all-pervading doom and Liz and Evil Liz and Pertwee BRINGING IT in the way that he often didn't later. (You are safe from eyepatch-related picspam, though, 'cos my DVD drive is still refusing to cooperate, bastard thing.)

Also, I finally saw Pirates of the Caribbean III over the weekend (only a squid to rent it for a week, that's how far behind the times I am). It was surprisingly rubbish, really. It did manage to keep all the plot threads from the previous two films together more coherently than I'd generally expect from a big Hollywood sequel while still introducing new stuff, but it had very little in the way of the sense of fun that was what attracted me to the Pirates films in the first place. Very grim, really, all in all; possibly a victim of everyone taking it a bit too seriously? Collapse )

Ha! the hits are playing Dr Jones (yes, the Aqua song; I've already admitted to liking S Club 7, there's not much further for me to fall is there?). Despite the fact that the existence of Martha often makes me think of this song, this is the first time I've actually heard it since S3 started.