March 19th, 2008

slightly bored Romana II

Fannish spam

For a change, I am going to spam you on a Wednesday. 'Cos this week really finishes tomorrow, not Friday. Or because (my comics geeking having moved up another notch to checking the Internet to find out what's coming out) I have discovered that it seems the only thing worth buying tomorrow is Angel. Or because I've had the whole night to myself to listen to audios. Take your pick; they're all true.

1. Arthur C. Clarke.

Arthur C. Clarke is dead, just in case you've been hiding under a rock (this is the first time I found out about something like this from my flist, which felt a bit weird tbh). This makes me quite sad -- he was the first author I did my now traditional "read nothing but this person's books for several months until you run out" thing to, back when I was ... about eleven maybe? I forget now -- but I must confess it's a rather abstract sort of sadness: he "had a good innings", as they say, and (this feels horrendously selfish) it doesn't feel like we've been deprived of any great works he had yet to produce.

I think Rendezvous with Rama is my favourite, when all's said and done. Very good at sensawunda, was Clarke.

Let's all build a space elevator and name it after him.

2. Gallifrey (the audio series, not the planet)

So, after the Pandora plotline wrapped up for some reason I never got round to carrying on with the rest of the third series ... until now.

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3. Crotchwoot

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... so, wait, when they said the next BBC3 ep was Friday, they meant this Friday? So we're going to end up way ahead of BBC2, surely.

4. Friday

Signups for the EDA ficathon close on Friday night, everyone. (Officially speaking; I won't actually be online 'til some time on Saturday.)

Incidentally, I am deeply ambivalent about this strike thing. LJ has always been dumb, I don't like the removal of Basic on principle, I don't think the strike will be effective as anything other than a way for people to feel better about their powerlessness. I probably won't be posting on Friday itself, just out of not being online much more than anything.

EmuchlaterTA: OK, so this puts me pretty firmly in the anti-boycott camp (seen via a comment on neadods). Though I don't subscribe to the OMG!Good-Friday-on-purpose tinhattery -- if it is the choice of Russian anti-semites, then it seems more likely they'd be going with Orthodox Easter which is apparently not until next month.