March 13th, 2008

ditko, dormammu vs eternity

Thursday spampost

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Not appearing in this spampost

I'm behind on Torchwood despite the attraction of it being a PJ Hammond one (I've decided to re-synch myself with terrestrial now that Martha's gone for the sake of getting enough sleep, and I could do with an extra week to get the aftertaste of Something Borrowed out of my system) and as of tonight I'll be two weeks behind on Ashes to Ashes, and don't find myself caring that much. Mitchell and Webb are far preferable; it probably means I'm massively middle class that I like them as everyone seems to hate on them, but I love almost everything they do, most especially Numberwang which is so clearly Mornington Crescent with the serial numbers filed off. (I'm still taping A2A and will catch up at some point. But it's not compulsive the way LoM was.)

(Hmm. People on the flist seem to think PJ has done a shit one, judging by cut text and such. :( )

And finally

Anyone know when Big Love S2 is going to hit Five? Or have I already missed it months ago?