March 3rd, 2008


mostly Who spam

  1. Lawrence Miles analyses Torchwood, quite accurately really, though with plenty of gratuitous abuse of the Moff and Gary Russell (who I would say deserves it if I was just slightly meaner than I am) and a horrendously sexist attitude towards Helen Raynor. [He tends to delete these things after a bit, though not so often from the -lm2 blog, so get it while it's hot.]
  2. Mah Ten/Martha squee has suddenly come rushing back, thanks to pinch hitting for the 1969 ficathon. They are truly <3 and I shall just ignore any inconvenient bits of canon.
  3. Collapse ) In summary: buy this book.
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  5. Speaking of comics, I now has a Cable and Deadpool #50 and am Very Sad that it is over after I only discovered it very recently (the one good thing to come out of being a completist about Civil War was discovering how hilarious it is). But that does mean I've got all the old trades to go back through.