February 26th, 2008

Book of the Still

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Poll #1144804 A silly poll

Which of these say the worst about my character?

that my instant reaction to the news that the World Food Program was worried about rising prices was to go to freerice.com
that really I only went to freerice.com because I wanted to feel smug about my vocabulary
that after about 200g I started arguing with their definitions as being too narrow

Also, I have tidied up my flist a bit, mainly to try and make it readable in the time I have available for reading it. If you're reading this, you are almost certainly still on there. Mainly I've unwatched a bunch of big comms and dropped a few unmutual people{*} who I've gradually lost interest in reading. However, I have decided to drop my previously policy of being desperate for approval friending back anyone who friends me, and have retroactively applied this ever so slightly. If any of the people I have cut are reading: It's not you, it's me, etc. etc.

Please consider this all of a defriending amnesty, opportunity to tell me that I should be putting you on my not-the-OG-any-more filter, and chance for you to moan at me for whatever.

{*} I didn't mean that in the Prisoner sense, but heh.

ETA: All this talk of a huge Who spoiler -- is it one of those ones that's going to turn out to be completely unavoidable (as in, the sort of thing that my Mum is going to ask what I think about next time I see her, because even she'll have heard) and I should just give in and find out?

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