October 25th, 2007

a great bear winner is me

Weird thought obsessing me at the moment

When adverts say something happens "in seconds" (for instance, "moneysupermarket.com searches the market in seconds") is there some sort of regulatory upper limit on how long the process should take before that claim becomes dubious? 'Cos strictly speaking, any time span longer than one second can be said to be "in seconds". The Sun will turn into a red giant "in seconds", just 150 million billion of them.
ditko, dormammu vs eternity

Post relying on the assumption you care what I think about cultural product I've recently consumed

Collapse ) In summary: I used to just hate Owen Chibnall both Chibnall and Owen; now I despise them with the power of a million burning suns and want them to die in particularly gruesome manners.

Collapse ) In summary: the sort of thing you'll like, if you like that sort of thing. Which I do.

Collapse ) Summary: This is why I haven't finished any of the fics I was planning to write this half-term, dammit.

Collapse ) In summary: You need to go buy this comic, RFN.

And two things I have huge anticipatory squee for:

  1. The cover for Newtons Sleep, the new Faction Paradox novel by Daniel O'Mahony forthcoming from Random Static. (Also: the absence of an apostrophe in that title.)
  2. Apparently there's a Marvel Masterworks of (I assume Silver Age) Nick Fury going to be available now or very soon (don't know whether it's simultaneous with the US or not on things like that). How did I only find out about this from an entirely fictional comic shop employee Danny at The Rack, huh? I cannot help but feel that the three and a half comics blogs I irregularly read have failed me. Failed me, do you hear?