October 3rd, 2007

ditko, dormammu vs eternity

Overanalysis of disposable pop culture

So the new Sugababes effort, "About You Now" is in the "I dumped you, but I've changed my mind, pls pls pls forgive me and take me back" subgenre. All well and good, but the girl in the video looks (to me anyway) remarkably similar to Mutya Buena, the most recent person to be booted out of the revolving door of Sugababes Manor. So is it meant to be directed at her? (I feel rather more certain in this interpretation given that Mutya's Groove Armada collaboration from the summer clearly was a "f*** you, bitchez" in the guise of a "getting over being dumped" song.) And if so how does the new girl feel about that?

Ooh, I just had a Rule 34 moment: there's somewhere out there with Sugababes popfemslash, isn't there? Remember, kids, RPS is bad, mmmkay. Except when it's not.
feels safe there, tardis console

OMG incredibly early DS9 ...

(On ftn, the Virgin equivalent of Sky Three, the repeats channel they give us to try and tempt us into buying their pay packages)

Literally the second half of the pilot.

Horribly stitled deliveries!
Reams and reams and reams of technobabble! (these two: possibly not unrelated)
Kira's bad hair!

And yet the seeds are there of the absolute bestest Star Trek EVAH. For all that the "we're nonlinear, by the way!" stuff is overexplained, just a tad.

Batshit theory: Dax was clearly the first choice to be Emissary, but she was too sensible to let godlike entities give her a Destiny.