June 25th, 2007

a great bear winner is me


I swear, I only went into Forbidden Planet to feed my Who-sticker addiction. But what did I see there but OMGSqueePhonogramisoutintradenewthisweek. So I had to buy it. Had to.

A bit of context: months ago, someone off in the wilds of the comics blogosphere (I think it was Chris Sims at The Invincible Super-Blog but I can't find it in his archives now) posted a link to the available-for-free-online-as-a-taster first ten pages of the first issue of Phonogram, which is a comic from Image about Britpop, basically. Only it's more than that.

I'll admit, I started off being a bit repulsed by the super-aggressive maleness of the protagonist, but it quickly won me over with the fact that it spent four pages discussing why some Kenickie songs were better than others (and getting it right). On my next visit to a comic shop I discovered I'd missed #2 and so I decided to wait for the trade. Which was delayed. And delayed again. (Amazon still claims it was released back in March. [erm don't buy it from that link though it's a Marketplace bloke trying to scalp people for £84 for it.])

But now it is out and squeeeeeeeee I have it and I have read it and yay I loved it. There are fairly significant spoilers below the cut but I've tried not to ruin the whole thing and the themes are more important than the plot anyway. Mind you, the "review" is as much about me and the two years I Really Honestly Deeply Cared About Music and What I Think Now as the comic, to be honest, so you may just wish to skip it entirely.

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