June 23rd, 2007

Book of the Still

Can you hear it?

OMG I love you so much, RTD.

(My watching of the ep was delayed by an hour so this is my immediate reaction; I am doubtless repeating everything everyone else has said. And it's a bit teal deer, frankly. The short version goes "Squeee!", only in large scrolling multi-coloured marquee text, which I am not so boorish as to actually inflict on you.)

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And now, completely randomly, here are some cats re-enacting a missing scene from the Five era in a macro thing what I knocked up earlier today in a comments thread in ihasatardis after kateorman posted the blank:

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{*} (footnote to the stuff in the first cut) Pls not to be spoilering me in the comments, including in the sense of telling me I have misinterpreted the spoilers I have heard. I am still feeling exceptionally bitchy to the person on TWOP who failed to spoiler protect in the unspoiled thread there and then responded to my bitchy "thanks for the spoiler" with the phrase "I sense sarcasm in that post" -- why, yes, yes you did dear, well done, your sarcasm detector does not need recalibrating, and does it work well enough to tell you that I'm being sarcastic about you now on LJ in an immensely passive aggressive way, now how about cutting the fucking thing?, oh, no, wait, you'll only do that until two other people ask you to directly, because reading between the lines is too hard and doing the right thing in the first place definitely is. Fuckwit.