June 22nd, 2007

in space no one can feel you hug

pre-emptive squee-harshing, again

The trailer looked fantastic, but lowering my expectations in advance seems to be working well for me this season. It worked for 42 and Collapse ) Hence I'm going to assume from now on that tomorrow's episode is going to do That Terrible Thing We Hope RTD Isn't Going To Do. Because if I'm not mentally prepared for it I might have to break things if it does come true.

Apropos of nothing, I've just done a strange drugs education exercise where we had to decide which of seven candidates should get a place in rehab based on limited information. One of them was called Romana, which made me alternate between wanting to give it to her automatically, thinking that she shouldn't get it because she could always regenerate if the damage got too bad, and assuming that it simply must be Romana III. Are there really RL people called Romana or was the person who wrote the exercise a fan?
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Book of the Still

In which I am hopelessly weak

I have bought a permanent account.

Worse still, it's entirely for the icon space.

Am within the first 36 hours so only $125 has gone to LJ (I am glad they are doing this as I actually whined over in the news comments during Strikethrough that they ought to be putting their money where their mouth is, but it would be nice to see them doing it with their own money as well as a share of our permaccount money{*}). Am going to donate an equivalent $125 to appropriate organisations. Not quite sure which ones yet.

{*} But then selling permaccounts in the first place is trading off immediate gain against future steady income, innit? So probably they're a bit strapped.