June 15th, 2006

Book of the Still

Why I will always love Doctor Who

Doctor Who fandom seems to have a weird way of setting up everything as a fight between two camps, so that it becomes impossible to criticise one thing without being automatically seen as a supporter of some diametrically opposite position, rather than occupying a sensible middle ground, as most people do. The old-school/new-school thing seems to have broken out at this point into one of those situations where people are enjoying the fight a bit too much. The overlong ramble below the cut is about why I find "hate" a hard word to apply to the series.

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... and that's why you could slap a Doctor Who logo on anything and I'd buy it.

Then again, it's just maybe possible that I feel a lot better about things now I know we're getting rid of a certain someone.

Feels mild displeasure about Gary Russell's trying-so-hard badness. <-- full extent of my h8rd right now.