April 15th, 2006

Book of the Still

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(Hello! I am not dead. But I have not been writing either. The following is intended to kickstart me.)

SO, there is this "28 flavours of [character]" meme going around (that apparently got started by trianne, I stole my list from juleskicks's Buffy version). It cannot be a coincidence that there are also 28 TV series companions so far (according to the obvious, correct rules of who does and doesn't count).

All right, it can be a coincidence, but it is TOO GOOD a coincidence to ignore. (It is so good in fact that I have a feeling that someone else has already noticed it and I am reinventing the wheel, but never mind.)

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(so, eg, 28K = "Pregnant Jamie" [mpreg by magic futuretech, we assume])

How it works: choose some combination in the comments and I write 100-300 words. (Probably I write exactly 100 words because I like the discipline of doing drabbles, yes.) Once a number or letter has been chosen it cannot be chosen again. Because. ETA: Oh yeah, and optionally you can specify a pairing to go along with the flavour/character combination.