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Overlong comics/Who braindump

  1. A few months back talking about Checkmate, I said "For some reason I have a feeling that if I do get more interested in DC it's going to be the whole Green Lantern thing that excites me the most." And OMG I was totally right. I am totally in love with the whole thing now. I think I blame Alan Moore, for the way his use of the GL Corps really poked at the cosmic spacey weirdness of the concept (it's a planet that's a Green Lantern! It's an alien with no sense of sight so he's The F-Sharp Bell! etc. (But also I blame Ragnell, a bit.) But yes, I am loving it, it hits an awful lot of my kinks, in particular the Guardians being basically the Time Lords of the DCU helps a lot. Also I am secretly in love with lame stirring speechs and so the Oath totally does it for me, particularly when they all say it together which basically happens just before the climax of every major storyline so I am in clover there. And then there is Kilowog, who is the scary Sergeant-Major who when there's a real fight you're damned glad to have on your side, which is a character type I love. And the rings are just cooooool, with the pure wish-fulfilment thing. And the "emotional spectrum" stuff is just such cracky Comic Book Skience that I love it. Also, massive amounts of taking Batman down a peg or two which he well deserves (having said which, the scene in whichever one it is where the Sinestro Corps ring tries to grab him is great). But my love of it has been kicked into extremely high gear by Sinestro Corps War, which I have jumped on now (I can't find #1 or #2 anywhere though, v annoying that I was slightly too late to the party), mainly because OMG so much Cool Space Stuffz happening but also because it seems to be planting some really interesting seeds for where it's going to go next. It looks like there's going to be lots of stuff about the abyss gazing also and taking care when you fight monsters lest you become a monster yourself. In particular, the rewriting of the Book of Oa to allow lethal force (only against Sinestro Corps types ... for now, but v interesting to see how the characters are lining up in their feelings about using it) and Sinestro's incredibly evil-clever thing of making Soranik (who is probably my fave non-dead GL; I seem to have a thing for Korugarians 'cos I fell for Katma Tui entirely in the space of the Rot Lop Fan story) take control of Korugar even though she doesn't want to and essentially try to force her to do the same thing as him is very cool and I am keen to see how she unties that Gordian knot. Also, it helps that a lot the background of it that isn't all about weird not-Supermans comes from the Moore stuff so I feel vaguely familiar with it. I am a bit confused about the relationship between Parallax being in/out of the battery and the rings having the yellow weakness, though. In short: the Green Lantern Corps is 3600 buddy cop movies. Going on simultaneously. In spaaaaace. And thus utterly awesome.
  2. Also, it makes me have strange crackfic thoughts where the Pete-verse is an AU of the DCU as well as of the Whoniverse, where Abin Sur never crashlanded on Earth and so no Earth people became Green Lanterns. The Guardians exist and are fulfilling the Time Lordy role, but the whole Green Lantern set up is as per the beginning of the Silver Age because all the stuff that changed is a result of those pesky Earthlings, really. And anyway, a ring finds post-Doomsday Rose and she kicks ass and takes names as GL of Sector 2814 but when Daleks appear from somewhere lame and implausible they are yellow enough for the ring not to work, ZOMG.
  3. neadods wrote clever things about where SJA fits into the Whoniverse race thing that made me have the following thinks: a) Kelsey and Clyde are both very close to stereotypes of black schoolchildren, oh dear. b) Apparently, if you aliens put all of humanity in a blender create an archetypal human, you end up with a geeky white boy. You can see the appeal to fandom, I think. I really think now that the production team have just got a huge side order of clueless. 'Cos, I mean, I know I'm clueless and I can see this stuff. Apparently there is all shock noes-we-is-not-racist-why-would-anyone-think-that stuff in a DWM interview, so I am clearly going to have to go buy it to find out what was said, and that annoys me 'cos I unfairly associate DWM with the irritating conservative end of fandom.
  4. I accidentally-on-purpose read a Torchwood spoiler at Apparently Martha is involved in helping Gwen disguise her pregnated-by-aliens status on her wedding day. The source seems to think it's really funny that "the viewers will be expecting it to burst out of her any time like in Alien" (I paraphrase). This does not exactly fill me with confidence that Torchwood S2 is going to have grown up the way I was hoping. Sorry, I can't get on board with the Torchwood-as-canonical-crackfic vibe.
  5. Speaking of, are there any Freema Agyeman worshipping sections of the Internet that use the name "Sweet FA"? 'Cos if not, there totally should be.
  6. That "write a character writing fanfic" meme is incredibly cool. If the bar wasn't already set intimidatingly high I would totally write Wesley britpicking Gunn's Mickey/Jake, but it is so I won't.
  7. For some reason, my masochistic streak is making me read fics on Teaspoon that trigger my "Avoid! Avoid!" sense. This is very silly, because my "Avoid! Avoid!" sense is well honed and they are very bad fics indeed. Also, I looked at my statistics on there for the fifteenth time this week 'cos I am weirdly obsessed even though I haven't uploaded anything there in months out of mild curiosity and OMG the pr0n gets so many more reads than the gen. But far fewer reviews. WHY HALO THAR FANDOM'S COLLECTIVE SENSE OF SHAME.
  8. Apparently there is going to be an Angel S6 comic. This is a bad idea. The whole point of Not Fade Away IMO is that they are all doomed doomed doomed and fighting on anyway. I do not want to see them survive. Sorry. The Buffy S8 comic is great, though, even if it is now set in the Britain that only exists in Americans' heads.
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