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Enterprise does Quantum Leap doing Sliders doing Doctor Who *brain explodes*

So, er, yeah. Us slow terrestrial UK types have just had the second half of the Enterprise S4 opener.

My question is: it was intentional, right? The way the aliens (y'know, the ones who wanted to be the Time Lords whose defeat meant that they could just forget about the whole three year arc with a two-minute scene set in the Hologram Chamber from Quantum Leap that made The Ancestor Cell look like a good way of wrapping up a Time War) were just like the Kro-Maggs from Sliders, from the facial prosthetics to the fascist uniforms to the funnely wormhole thing they were trying to open? It was a deliberate homage, wasn't it?

And eeeee!!! I have just stumbled across my off-air tape off Angel: In The Dark from liek last millennium. Spike's little overdubbing moment at the beginning is Teh Best Spike Bit Evah. I think I will have to go watch that a few hundred times now.

"You see, I was once a badass vampire, but love -- and a pesky curse -- defanged me, and now I'm just a biiig fluffy puppy with bad teeth."

Oh, Evil!Spike, how we missed you ...
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