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Braindump (mainly about calling/failing to call superhero shows)

(The six months ago flashback one. [Yes, I am a pleb at BBC pace, I only have Freeview. {The latest SFX assumes that "we" have been into it for ages and everyone else is catching up; it's surprising how often they manage to piss me off, even though they are doing more lit SF stuff these days.}]) Anyway, this one fooled me completely. I was utterly convinced that with the writers obviously being such huge Watchmen fanboys the character with Doc Manhattan's origin couldn't possibly be the bad guy. But then he was.

Also, I <3 Hiro SO MUCH. Have done ever since he referenced Kitty Pryde in Days of Future Past in the first ep. His stuff in that ep was heart-breaking.

This one, on the other hand, I got totally right. As soon as the schedule thingy said Lois suspected Ollie of being Green Arrow it was obvious that Clark was going to end up helping him be in two places at once, 'cos that's what Supes and Bats used to do all the time and Green Arrow is so the Smallville stand-in for Batman (rich dude using hi-tech to sub for lack of powers, founding the JL, etc.). Didn't predict they would end up using it to do stuff with the Clark/Lois ship, though (they are having far too much fun with the foreshadowing).

I have no idea what I've suddenly started watching Smallville for, unless it's that they're introducing the bits of the DCU that I like (like Ollie, and Martian fricking Manhunter yay). What I want in the last couple of seasons that I'm clearly not going to get is the Legion of Superheroes from 1000 years hence and one or another Green Lantern.

I love the Clexiness of the flying scene in the opening sequence. That said, I sometimes don't know what to make of slash these days, now that it's obvious most creators are aware of it and deliberately putting it in there. It sort of takes the fun away, a little bit.

And now for some reactions to spec what I only found out about from SFX 'cos I'm completely out of the Who loop ... (I feel weird for being so annoyed with the whole of S3 now when I enjoyed most of it an awful lot at the time. I am gradually getting over it.)

Rats, my overly elaborate middle-two-parter regeneration theory is blown out of the water by the fact that Tennant will be in specials in '09. Am actually quite glad it's having a bit of a rest, I think we could end up overexposed, though I hope not all of the specials are of the Christmas OTT style. Not sure about this thing about Martha having a relationship on Crotchwoot, 'cos I still have an inner Ten/Martha batshipper and also the pool of available partners is really very small which leads to the horrible possibility of it being Owen. (But if it's Tosh I will love it forever.)

Apparently I missed SJS and the Small Children of Doom today ZOMG! Am not actually that fussed, even given Gareth Roberts' involvement, but is it repeating itself at some point?

I wanted to put an Ace icon on this but apparently I has none! This must be rectified.
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