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This would be total wankbait if anyone from the relevant fandom was going to read it

I bought two whole new comics today, the day they came out (in the UK) and everything. (This is a new level of geekery an exciting new thing for me.)

I'm probably the only person apart from NeilAlien buying this for Doctor Strange, but seeing as I am I was a little bit disappointed that he was dealt with so easily in the end (in particular: I don't really understand what Hiroim did to de-Zomify him, and since Zom is meant to be major-league Big Bad I'm not sure what this implies about Hiroim's power levels, but then I haven't read Planet Hulk). But, really, he was pretty much the focus of the fight against Hulk for 40% of the mini-series, which isn't bad going, and as a victim of the retcon member of the Illuminati he has to end up in the same boat as the rest of them.

Anyway, Sentry is clearly going to sort it out, which is a pity because it doesn't feel earned to me, for all that I'm looking forward to seeing a fake '60s cover of him fighting-then-teaming-up-with the Hulk. Then again, the theme does seem to be about how you handle the responsibility that comes with your power (just for a change in Marvel), what with Doc being defeated after realising the effect he's having on the bystanders and the whole thing about Hulk "never stopping making the Illuminati pay", so hopefully this is going to tie in to Sentry's problems somehow rather than it just being a simple "look at the shiny lights, everyone! OK now everything's fixed" RTD-style resolution.

OK, and here's the not-really-wankbait. I am very much in favour of the Phyla/Heather relationship because, hey, canon femslash is Always Good. (And in #1 they went up a level from being Space Lesbians to Kinky Space Lesbians with the spanking reference, so, really, this was a comic being written for me.) But in this issue it turns out that Heather has become a moondragon in a non-reversible change. Maybe it's overexposure to the ickiness of Anne McCaffrey's dragon and rider complications and attitude to male homosexuality, but this suddenly pings my radar like we're equating being gay with bestiality. Now, in a universe like Marvel's, my default position is that sentient/sentient is fine, it's what's on the inside that counts, etc. etc., and I'm fairly sure that's what they were going for, especially given Quasar's stuff about their telepathic bond and everything (the emotional bits of the writing are positively Claremontian at times, so it's hard to discern intent reliably). But just as I was convincing myself of this I turned the page to see that "Let's Ride!" splash page and it got me all worried again.

Anyway, I enjoyed it apart from that niggling voice at the back of my mind, which I am busy telling to shut up. I do love the Super-Adaptoid. These "the combined powers of all the members of whichever supergroup" villains from the '60s are pure win.

In other news: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is simultaneously infuriatingly watchable and infuriatingly patronising. Let's heal America through a relationship between a Mary Sue (and let's not forget that both of the main characters are Sorkin-Sues) and a liberal fantasy version of a "good Christian"! Also: black people who have a downer on the wrong sort of other black people are great! (Sorry, that wasn't meant to sound wankbaity but it kind of came out that way.) Also also: writing about comedy requires it to be funny. The "big funny moment to show the show's back" being the hoary old cliche of a G&S parody just made me cringe. Let's just say I am not surprised it was cancelled.

It has made me realise in watching E4's endless Friends repeats that Matt Perry really is quite good, though. (Also, the Monica/Chandler ship works even back in the early eps. Which surprised the hell out of me.)
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