Lurky McLurklurk (ionlylurkhere) wrote,
Lurky McLurklurk

Things what I read today during the slack periods of my incredibly cushy temp job

  1. Harry/Draco shipping in the Guardian. (Scroll to the last para, though the whole thing is quite entertaining; it's also probably been all over your flist today already, but I don't care.) And it's not in G2, like you might expect, but the comment section in the main paper. Nice work, Bidisha, whoever you are. (Also: Zoe Williams seems to have got much more overtly feminist lately. I like it.)
  2. Checkmate: A King's Game, which was ace but made fuck all sense to me, as I am a Marvel zombie and my sum total knowledge of even the main players of the DCU comes from their crossovers into Sandman and Swamp Thing and this is one of those comics that's all about the people who haven't got a comic of their own and haven't had for ages, which is the sort of thing I love. Plus it's full of realpolitik. (For some reason I have a feeling that if I do get more interested in DC it's going to be the whole Green Lantern thing that excites me the most.)
  3. This feels very weird as something that's meant to fit into S3, missing as it does any mention of Martha's crush or St Rose (unless they were in the first 100 pages that it took me a month to get through and I've forgotten them; it's a bit slow to get started). It does fit very neatly into the Gallifrey emo, though, with several mentions and an interesting female Doctor analogue in the "Dazai" who has to embrace evil to save her world at the end, hmmm. The plot is a weird combination of Kinda and The Mind of Evil, and the main reason it starts so slowly is that very little of What's Really Going On gets revealed until very close to the end and none of the non-TARDIS-regular characters grabbed me that much. His EDA (Sleep of Reason) is much better on that score.

First Among Sequels next, yay. Which means there's probably a post about "why I love flaily-but-competent female protagonists like Thursday Next and Benny Summerfield who are almost always written by a certain sort of male author and does this mean I fail at feminism?" coming soon.

ETA: Oh dear. House has rendered me completely incapable of watching Jeeves and Wooster without breaking into giggles by imagining Jeeves working on the Crazy-Ass Diseases team and quietly pwning House all the time.
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