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Last of the Time Lords

Immediate reaction, not read anything else yet:

  • I called all of that wrong in pretty much every particular! (Except the Toclafane being the Utopia humans, but that was obvious.) My record of complete failure to predict anything is unbroken!
  • So it turns out the real season arc was the Harry Potter stuff. What with the Doctor becoming a weird cross between Voldemort and a house elf, something vaguely resembling a wand battle, and the Master having a bloody horcrux (that was Lucy picking it up at the end, y?)
  • Jack as the Face of Boe: I'm still undecided but coming down on the side of it being quite cool really. Also it possibly explains the sudden switch to "old friend"-i-ness in New Earth onwards. The Doctor recognised Jack's weirdness instantly at the end of Parting without even needing to see him, so I'm guessing he had the same "fixed point" vibe from Boe, even if he didn't know for sure it was Jack, and put two and two together.
  • Doctor/Master is so completely canon now I cannot breathe. He's even prepared to settle down for him! And OMG it was wonderful and twisted and wonderful and "I forgive you" and "ha! I'm going to die and deny you the chance to redeem me by keeping me in bondage even though that would have been quite nice and I would have liked having your timecock on a regular basis" and yes.
  • Loathing unrequited love: he's doing it wrong. (As soon as I find the right screencap, I'm making a motivator of that.) Not quite the worst ending we could have got for Ten/Martha-for-now -- she did at least realise she's kick-arse -- but pretty fucking close really, thank you, Rusty. Here is my fic of trying to fix it or at least explain away the Doctor's uselessness, btw. If she only makes a token "I've got over you now, it was fun, bye" reappearance next year I will be Grumpy. I am bit worried we are meant to think she is going to get together with not-future-Milligan. Screw that, unless it is for purposes of Doctor-jealousy. I rather think I have gone hardcore over into batshipping Ten/Martha. I do not care.
  • If we are not careful I will end up writing crack-crossover Bridget Jones's Diary Of Being Ten's Companion over the summer just so she can call him a commitment-phobe and an emotional fuckwit. Lots.
  • Very disappointed in Lucy getting grumpy at the idea of threesome fun and then deciding to shoot the Master at the end. Complete betrayal of her wonderful batshitness from the previous ep.
  • And anyway, yes, Lucy and her muttering "Doctor" reminds me about the actual plot ending. It feels like Rusty is all super-self-conscious about anything looking the slightest bit like a deus ex machina now so he spews lots of technobabble about the Doctor becoming supercharged by humanity's belief in him. It is a very Rusty thing to do, the transfer of Martha's love for the Doctor into humanity's faith in him, giving him the power to do what needs to be done (cf. the more metaphorical version last year with Pete). Very Rusty indeed, and a nice idea in the abstract. But also a bit lame in the execution, especially the flying (though the close up on the trainers as he lands made me smile). (Also, nitpickingly, with his regenerative abilities retroactively suspended, or whatever it was, surely he should look a super-old Hartnell?)
  • Am glad the gun powered by magic coloured-liquid the same as from New Earth I bet was a fakeout, though, 'cos it would have been exceptionally lame.
  • This sounds like I'm annoyed, and I am with the things I'm talking about, but most of the episode was very well done, in portraying the horrible hopeless situation, from the "Sol 3 is undergoing terminal extinction" thing which dropped it into the bigger picture very neatly all the way to Martha surrendering herself, it was actually bloody uncomfortable to watch. Good stuff for the 7pm Saturday slot.
  • So as the Doctor doesn't quite say at the end 'cos it's family telly, "WTF's with the Titanic?" Is the TARDIS meant to be the iceberg or sthg? And how many hims are running around on there now, if we count everything as canon?

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