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Can you hear it?

OMG I love you so much, RTD.

(My watching of the ep was delayed by an hour so this is my immediate reaction; I am doubtless repeating everything everyone else has said. And it's a bit teal deer, frankly. The short version goes "Squeee!", only in large scrolling multi-coloured marquee text, which I am not so boorish as to actually inflict on you.)

That felt so chock full of old school references that it hardly felt as though there was anything in there for the new schoolers. I squeed particularly hard at the way the Teletubbies scene recalled the business with the Clangers in Sea Devils -- it was perfection -- and the jelly babies.

And oh, Rusty, Rusty, Rusty, I could kiss you (except you wouldn't want me to), because not only did you not do the brothers thing, you explicitly dismissed it as a crappy TV cliche. The slash can commence without fear of ickiness! And let's face it, after tonight's episode even more so than last week, we no longer have "subtext" so much as "dom/sub text". "Are you asking me out on a date?" "Yes, of course I am you fool. I'm so alone and you're so hot. Stop trying to dominate the Earth and dominate me!"

And the Gallifrey flashback! Yayness. And new-school eloquent-description names for bits of Gallifrey was very much win. The whole "the Master was a little boy once and that wasn't unusual" thing pinged my "don't you go contradicting my books" radar but not as badly as I'd've thought it might. (Loooms! Looooms are caaaaanoooooooon.) And the high collars! Somehow they looked appropriate and other-worldly here. Which I suspect is a combination of production values and the script not doing a JNT-era and treating Gallifrey as Just Another Alien Planet.

I love Lucy. I love Lucy because back when all I knew was "The Master is pretending to be a politician called Mr Saxon" I thought "he'll need a wife then given the way the British public is" and in my head I wrote kinky fic where she is really quite into him being the Master and obeying him but I never got round to writing it properly because I didn't want to be completely Jossed but I wish I had 'cos then I would have been able to say I'd called it rather than just writing this rather lame "I did call it, honest" paragraph here now. But now I am determined to write it in a canon-fitting way.

And the Valiant! It's so wonderfully retro-future, the sort of technocratic magic thing they used to imagine in the '60s (Captain Scarlet, the SHIELD Helicarrier ... Nick Fury would have resisted the Master's mind control, you know). And it belongs to UNIT! I thought we weren't allowed to name them any more. And Torchwood got a mention, which I also thought wasn't allowed.

The Doctor's reaction to the TARDIS being turned into a Paradox Machine was the perfect sort of "OMG paradoxes are total anathema to my very being". Though it's clearly going to be involved in next week's get out of jail free card.

<ETA:> I completely forgot to talk about the music, which I liked for the wackiness (I liked Toxic too) even though it is a rubbish song sung by that girl off Neighbours, and Martha's family which I was very pleased about in terms of Francine realising what a big mistake she'd made but not so much the imminent-danger-of-death thing. But I notice we haven't found out what greasy-haired man whispered to her. Most important thing-I-forgot-to-say of all is that I totally called the reason the Master was resurrected. Yay!</ETA>

Two minor disappointing things -- the "laser screwdriver" rather than the TCE and gah! the old age makeup. I would have been more convinced by 1000 years than 100, between the various evidences of what-happens-to-the-Doctor-under-accelerated-aging from DMP and Leisure Hive.

Right, now, the important thing: Ten and Martha. Imminent end of the world? Giant scars in the fabric of space and time spitting out one robotic death machine for every man woman and child on the planet? Unimportant. Minor. Irrelevant. It's The Ship that counts, people. And I don't mean the TARDIS. Of course, what we got here was another bit of "unrequited" anvilliciousness, but nicely worked in as part of the Doctor's metaphor for how the perception filter worked. Poor Martha. But oh so much yay for Jack's "you too, huh?" (or whatever the line actually was) -- that was just perfect. But anyway, here is my batshippy theory: it seems fairly obvious to me from the trailer and the spoilers I have seen{*} that Martha is going to end up going back 18 months and living through it all as a hardcore undercover type using the psychic paper and the sonic and the vortex manipulator and all the other stuff the Doctor slipped her just then and save the day at the last minute (which is essentially the present-day version of Ace going off to fight the Daleks and coming back as a Space Bitch which proves the Martha=Ace thing even further), and in the process of this she will be in secret contact with the earlier version of the Doctor throughout. During this they will fall madly in love and when the Doctor picks up Martha in Smith and Jones it will break his heart to have to pretend not to be interested in order to preserve the timeline and that is why he chose to kiss her to do the genetic transfer and then at the end of the ep everything will be fab and there will be kissing with tongues and Jack pls.

OK, that is batshit, but it is saner than any Rose return theory I have seen.

And now, completely randomly, here are some cats re-enacting a missing scene from the Five era in a macro thing what I knocked up earlier today in a comments thread in ihasatardis after kateorman posted the blank:

skwishin ur hed

{*} (footnote to the stuff in the first cut) Pls not to be spoilering me in the comments, including in the sense of telling me I have misinterpreted the spoilers I have heard. I am still feeling exceptionally bitchy to the person on TWOP who failed to spoiler protect in the unspoiled thread there and then responded to my bitchy "thanks for the spoiler" with the phrase "I sense sarcasm in that post" -- why, yes, yes you did dear, well done, your sarcasm detector does not need recalibrating, and does it work well enough to tell you that I'm being sarcastic about you now on LJ in an immensely passive aggressive way, now how about cutting the fucking thing?, oh, no, wait, you'll only do that until two other people ask you to directly, because reading between the lines is too hard and doing the right thing in the first place definitely is. Fuckwit.
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