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Fic: Found In Translation (PG-13, Martha/Chantho)

Title: Found In Translation
Author: ionlylurkhere
Pairing: Martha/Chantho
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 650ish
Summary: Just a silly little ficlet squeezed into a non-existent gap in Utopia.

"So," Martha said, "does that mean I'm basically swearing all the time?"

The insectoid giggled again. "Chan-yes you are-tho."

"Chan-then I'd better start being more polite, hadn't I?-tho," said Martha, trying not to feel too silly.

She wasn't helped in this by Chantho laughing even harder. Clearly fighting to regain her self-control, she said, "Chan-but that is even ruder!-tho." She dissolved into laughter once more. "Chan-using someone else's name is ... what is the human concept? ... the imperative form. Like ordering me around-tho."

"Oh, sorry," Martha said, putting her hand on Chantho's arm. She thought for a moment. "Mar-so, is this better?-tha."

"Chan-yes, you've got it!-tho," Chantho said, though her voice sounded oddly distant.

"Wha-- Mar-what's wrong?-tha."

"Chan-nothing ... it's just that the way you are touching me is ... stimulating my internal milk glands-tho."

Martha withdrew her hand. She was, she thought, getting quite good at dealing with aliens, but there were always surprises. Even with the Doctor -- just look at that hand. "Sorry," she said to Chantho. "Oh, bollocks, now I'm swearing again. Dammit! Mar-sorry-tha."

"Chan-you didn't have to stop-tho." Chantho sounded so disappointed that Martha replaced her hand without really thinking about it.

There was a moment of tense silence. The atmosphere between them seemed filled with static electricity. Martha was suddenly acutely aware of her body, of Chantho's body, of the thinness of the lab coat separating them.

It was Chantho who broke the silence. "Chan-I think I understand enough about humans to know that ... this is approximately equivalent-tho." She put out a hand and poked a finger into Martha's left breast.

Martha looked round furtively, Seeing the boys were still deeply engrossed in playing with their toys at the far end of the lab, she smiled and used her free hand to move Chantho's into a more comfortable cupping position. "Mar-there, like that-tha."

"Chan-I also know that you use your mouths for pleasure-tho."

Martha's eyes boggled slightly before she realised what Chantho was talking about. "Mar-oh, you mean kissing-tha."

"Chan-yes, kissing-tho." Chantho looked Martha directly in the eye. "Mar-kiss me-tha."

Martha didn't need to be reminded what the different linguistic construction meant. She leaned in and pressed her lips to Chantho's. The alien's skin was colder than hers, and tasted slightly metallic. It was strange, but not unpleasant. She used her lips to prise Chantho's apart and gently slid her tongue around the alien's teeth.

Chantho responded, tilting her head and opening her mouth slightly wider. Martha bent her head in the opposite direction and was surprised to feel a slight pressure on her cheeks. It wasn't Chantho's hands -- those were now not just resting on but stroking her breasts, and with enough enthusiasm to more than make up for their lack of expertise. And anyway, it was a more pinpointed feeling than even a single finger would give.

It was then that she realised that Chantho had pinned her head ever-so-gently between her mandibles.

Aliens. Always surprising. And perhaps the most surprising thing of all was how hot those surprises tended to be. She slipped her tongue further between Chantho's lips, exploring deeper and deeper, while stroking up and down Chantho's arm. She didn't know quite where her internal milk glands were, but the way Chantho moaned into her lips suggested she was doing something right.

Eventually, the kiss broke. Chantho looked at Martha with slightly unfocused eyes. "That was amazing!"

Martha was breathing heavily. "You just swore again," she said between gasps.

"Chan-of course I did!-tho." Chantho smiled broadly. "Mar-do it again!-tha."

But before she had the chance, shouts came from the other end of the lab:

"Martha! Come and have a look at this! It's incredible! He's made it all out of food!"

"Chantho, come and see the Doctor's equations, they're really quite remarkable!"

They looked at each other and shared a wry smile.
Tags: doctor who, fic

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