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OK, I'm prepared to forgive Rusty pretty much everything at this point. I loved it and yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay. They are BRINGING IT now. Why couldn't they have done stuff this good before?

That bit about San Andreas being on a time rift was a reference to All-Consuming Fire, wasn't it? Always a good way to win me over, NA references. And yay that Derek Jacobi was the Master because OMG it's almost like Shalka was canon only not. Not that Shalka was any good, I just like continuity being a big mess.

That bit at the end where the Master was demanding the Doctor call him by his name, not at all BDSM-y, no. *dies slightly, then starts planning kinky slash*

And he must have got a new regeneration cycle from somewhere -- given one so he could fight in the Time War?

I didn't mind the Rose stuff here particularly, though I was a bit annoyed at the TARDIS element of the Bad Wolf being retconned away. Just now on Confidential they've shown the clip: "and the TARDIS looked into me", she says. No evidence of that in the Doctor's telling of it here.

Utopia is blatantly a horrible trap, isn't it? (Set up by the Master before he chameleon-arched himself?)

Hmm, and the non-fan I watch with who has always been perfectly conversant with Daleks and Cybermen and stuff was all "has he been in it before then?" which totally proves from a sample size of one my belief that we're at the fag end of the iconic baddies now. New aliens please!

I might have to watch that over and over again now.
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