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20 things meme

The "write 20 random things about yourself" meme, only I can't be bothered with timing myself or tagging.

1. I have wasted way too much of this evening reading Mil Millington's website. Probably I am just years late and everybody else already knows about it (somehow I read his book and his Guardian column without realising it existed), but oh it's so, so funny.

2. I rather like pseudy pretentious things. Not if they're bad pseudy pretentious things, but if I'm enjoying them anyway I enjoy them a little more for the little ego boost I get from the feeling that my enjoyment of them means I am somehow smart.

3. My ability to maintain a deep respect for someone's inalienable right to hold their religious beliefs is inversely proportional to how much they explain to me about them.

4. I judge people based on what newspaper they read. Quite harshly, in some cases.

5. I find the idea of being incorporated into an SF hive mind type thing frighteningly appealing. I do not really like any of the things this says about me.

6. I am becoming disillusioned with Sudoku. I enjoy them, but the knowledge that computers can solve it much faster and thus all I'm doing is implementing a relatively simple algorithm painfully slowly nags at me every time I do one.

7. IMO, Radio 4 is a perfect distillation of all the best bits of civilisation.

8. I have even come round to The Archers. And not just 'cos Tamsin Greig's in it.

9. Having bad sleep habits, I also like the World Service. I particularly like the way it's so obvious when they've gone to great lengths to say something in Basic English, like the time they interviewed a professor from the Royal Veterinary College and introduced him as "a teacher at the UK's top vet school".

10. I have not come round to Westway. It is annoying in the extreme.

11. I was really into indieish/rocky sort of music for years, but I hardly ever listen to anything any more and when I do it tends to be poppy (I even have the Bananarama greatest hits collection, zomg). And I used to read the NME and Melody Maker and everything.

12. I have just had an evil thought: if you started up an LJ and gradually posted all the entries from that "I'm feeling intensely intense!!!" Manics fan thing from, erm, whichever one of those two music rags it was in, how long would it take people who didn't already know what it was to notice?

13. I found the other day from randomly surfing round LJ that Kate Bolin (aka katemonkey) lives in the same place as me. This weirds me out so much. Back in the brief period when I was doing Buffy fanfic on, she was this sort of great high goddess of BNFishness way way over on the other side of the Atlantic, and when she asked to gack one of my fics for one of her archive sites it was seriously the Proudest Day Of My Fannish Life, and now it turns out she might have been on the same bus as me three months ago or something and I would never have known.

14. I have still not picked up the thing that the tags are all <lj-something> except for the user one, and have to check the FAQ every single time. And every single time I curse LJ for being so pointlessly inconsistent about it.

15. That "pair off your icons in alphabetical order" meme is like crack for my muse. (Seriously, if you know people who did it and got Who/Trek/Buffy/West Wing/etc pairings, tell me and I will probably end up writing them a drabble, assuming I can get over Fear of "Who is this weird stranger who wrote me fic?")

16. I remain convinced that in the DW canon the Time Lords are completely asexual, even with each other. Fanfic that involves them in sexual relationships involves much more suspension of disbelief for me than pretty much anything else in any fanfic ever. Except mpreg.

17. But I did not believe this when I was 12, 'cos I distinctly remember writing something with the Seventh Doctor and his new Time Lady companion (who was not at all a rip off of this Romana person I had read about in the Targets, oh no) and them falling in love and having their first snog (though I don't think 12-y-o me would've called it that) while an alien base on the moon exploded behind them.

18. I have not had a car for almost two years and it has not added particularly significant amounts of complication to my life. But then I do live in a big city with a decent public transport policy.

19. My flat is a mess, and my family are coming to stay tomorrow evening. (This evening, if we're being strict about it.) And I have to work tomorrow so I don't know when I'm going to sort it out. And deep down I know that if I don't my mum will do it for me but if I put her in that situation I will have failed at Grownupness (in my eyes, not hers -- she is far too lovely to do judging like that). *flails*

20. Ditto my hair, minus the "Mum will sort it" bit (thankfully) but even more flailly because I hate going to get it cut 'cos they expect you to have a conversation with them and eek!

Definitely bedtime now.
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