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Hello Yuletide author,

First of all, thank you so much! If you have offered any of the fandoms I requested, then you clearly have awesome taste. Even more so than ever now that there is apparently extra bits of matching here and there, I'd like to point out that I firmly, firmly believe that optional details are optional and you can ignore them as much as you want. However, if you find that a little grit helps the pearl to form, here are some further thoughts on what I like about the fandoms I chose (I've also repeated what I put in the optional details box for each one, because in previous years that hasn't been available to anyone writing treats -- whether that's still the case I don't know, but in case it is I thought it might be a good idea).

Request 1: Guardians of the Galaxy

Phyla/Heather *would* make me very happy, but so would anything about any or all of the team at any stage in their evolution. The Abnett/Lanning Cosmic Marvel stuff has been some of my absolute favourite comics of the last few years. I love the way they've successfully brought together all the many different strands of space-based stuff in Marvel into a coherent whole, and embellished the canon further too, while mostly concentrating on making a fun team book with awesomely entertaining characters.

(I am up to date on Thanos Imperative, so don't worry about spoilers.)

OK, so I did have a semi-specific request here, but I do really love the whole team. Raccoon and Cosmo's talking-animal smack talk, I AM GROOT!, Drax and Heather's incredibly complicated relationship, Mantis's laidback kickassness, Peter's general Peter-ish-ness ...

You may well be able to find more of my thoughts on these guys using one or other of these tags.

Request 2: Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Everything about this show is unremittingly brilliant. Write anything you like -- John/Cameron, Jesse/Riley, Jesse/Derek, post-finale fic, complicated time travel gubbins, whatever -- and I will be pretty much guaranteed to love it. (Well, OK, except Sarah/John, I have an incest squick.)

I suppose I should include Kyle/Derek in the incest squick, shouldn't I? But I do love everything about the show -- the way it shows a four-dimensional war from somewhere buried deep in the inside, the way it approaches the boundary between machine and human, the way it messes with all its characters all the time, but still allows them to be sympathetic and fallible and to have triumphs and disasters ... It really is fantastically well put together.

This tag indexes a bunch of posts I made while in the process of falling in love with it during S2. (I was a latecomer, having allowed myself to be put off by catching tiny bits of the first few episodes into thinking it was an attempt to force Terminator into a Buffy-style format. Oh, the shame).

Request 3: Planescape: Torment

I only got round to playing this game this year. Good god, it's amazing. I'd love something that dug into the characters' backstories (any of the party members, or the big NPCs -- Ravel and all her aspects, say, or Trias, or Deionarra and her time with TNO) but anything at all that used the setting would be awesome.

There is no way a CRPG based off a relatively obscure element of AD&D cosmology should be anywhere near a tenth as good as Torment is. I played it over the summer and it has stuck with me for ages since, even though I only played it through the once (unlike, say, KotOR 2, which I've played in pretty much every possible combination of gender/alightnment/character class) -- it just felt like the story had moulded itself around the choices I took in a way that would be dishonest to go back and fiddle with for the sake of more content. Fantastic. I'd love anything based off it.

Request 4: Green Lantern Corps

I ship these two SO MUCH. I would secretly like ring-powered sexytimes, but gen adventures together or pure schmoop and/or angst would both be utterly awesome too.

I'm not quite sure what makes me ship them so much; I think it's mostly that they're (usually -- there are some awful moments from time to time) a good portrayal of a relationship of equals who both have their own things but support one another with them. Also, that I was sold on Soranik's general awesomeness very quickly after she first appeared, and I think that Kyle deserves a lucky break in his personal life. But I'm serious about the gen adventures thing, too, if you're not sold on them as a ship -- write them as cop buddies and I'll be compeltely down with that.

There are general thoughts on GL comics in the comics tags I linked under Request 1, but to be honest not much in there on these two in particular.

Finally, I also have previous DYAs here, here and here in case they're of any help.

Thanks again, you are a star,
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