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Lurky McLurklurk

Fannish things I am looking forward to: a list

  • tardis_bigbang is coming soon. I am almost certainly going to do something with even more of a niche audience than last year Izzy/Destrii on the fringes of the Time War (problems Destrii runs into Izzy on Earth while Eight has absented himself, which he is doing increasingly as things intensify; they then run into Jodafra who is being used by the Daleks in a a parallel with Sabbath and the Council of Eight which I'm not sure how far to push -- I might just hint at the similarities or I might do a full-on "different branches of canon are different parallel universes with the same events shuffled in a slightly different order, just like a modern shopping centre" thing). It is going to be snarky awesome and I have already worked out the big heartwarming moment and lots of banter and ways to work in the bodyswap backstory ooh. I do ship them quite a gigantic lot. Plus it is an excuse to reread the awesomeness of the Eight comics Yet Again.
  • Installing KotOR 2 on this shiny new laptop (long story; short version goes that Major Computer Issues At Very Bad Time turned into Excuse To Spend Money I Don't Have On Shiny New Toy) and finally getting to hear the apparently amazing voice acting for Kreia (maybe I'll finally feel motivated to go and listen to her "Lessons"!) and see the movies and such. (It used to only run with all the options turned down to minimum and everything switched off.) You never know, I might even be able to use Force Sight properly. I need to work out a characterisation and stuff, though. I might do a tedious Light Side Consular who wants to talk everyone to death but then whips out the Force Lightning which she (she, because I always play my first game in a session on the canon path) accidentally took to Master level when they won't listen. The FP penalty for a Dark Side power won't matter with such a big mana pool. I need to work out all the Malachor stuff though, unless that's just a supersized version of the same "OK, you wouldn't listen, so now here come the big guns" thing. (Have I mentioned my game where I tried to play through as someone who'd come to the same conclusions as Kreia but wanted to completely eschew the Force? I finally found a characterisation that it's impossible to make fit with the dialogue!)
  • Finally watching S3+ nuBSG. Even though I am spoiled for the ending and know it is going to be shit, I am sure there will be good stuff along the way. (I gave up on S3 a long while back when I realised I had watched through the whole of the first disc and couldn't actually explain what the fuck had been happening. Which was definitely my fault for not paying attention, not the show's for not making sense, but it did make me feel demotivated about watching it.)
  • Finally listening to "Company of Friends" (IKR? But 'cos I downloaded it there is this ridiculous barrier of organising the tracks into a playlist in the right order. Yes, that is a pathetic excuse.) and watching "Keys of Marinus" (my desire for cracktacular Terry Nation adventure-serial-ness is at war with my desire not to have watched all the Ian/Barbara canon that still exists D:).
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