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End of Time, pt 1

Near-pointless jumbled thoughts post on the latest Who ep:

  • Y'know, I was expecting to see a lot more kink meme prompts this morning than I did. I'm sure fandom will be on it soon enough, but between all the Doctor/Master stuff and the Naismiths' incest and the potential selfcest, it did feel like RTD was deliberately chucking in as much as he could.
  • Anyway, Donna's totally doomed. I think Rusty's in epic tragedy mode for part two, and I can't see Donna getting a good ending when Ten's "dying".
  • I kinda liked the Master in this, better than S3 Simm!Master tbh. His need for food was possibly a bit OTT for watching after a big Christmas dinner, but it was quite a funky idea, I thought, and possibly that's RTD being all zomgsatirical at us again. And I did sort of like the bit at the end where the Master made himself into the entire human race. They must have had John Simm in for weeks more than the rest of the cast, mustn't they? (I'm finding it hard to see how we're not headed anywhere other than a big reset switch ...)
  • I have chosen to believe that it's not some sort of residual DoctorDonnaishness (in Donna's case)/"heart of coincidence" thing (Wilf) that's kept them from being Master-ised, but actually everyone who's been in the TARDIS is safe and Martha, Sarah Jane, etc. are all out there in their own surrounded-by-Masters nightmare. (Batshipping fanon: Tom turned into the Master in front of Martha. OMG teh trauma.) But possibly this is what's actually happening, if we are getting all these guest spots. OTOH, the Timeys might put the Doctor on trial when he comes back and show flashbacks to adventures we didn't see.
  • Right, so, the drums are the Time Lords, in the Master's head. But active, not like the zipfile of the Matrix in the Doctor's head that made him lose his memories in the EDAs. (I would LOL and LOL if they went for such a direct ripoff.) And directing events (I quite like the idea that "the Narrator" has the power to make stories come true as he tells them; it would redeem the cheesy voiceover for me. I'm struggling very hard to think of a single voiceover ever that isn't lazy storytelling, with the possible exception of the Narrator in Rocky Horror. Actually, you know what? If Dalton does the time warp on New Year's Day, I will forgive Rusty everything.)
  • Failing that, if we really are supposed to think the drums have been around forever, they get stronger every time he brings himself back from the dead implausibly. So Delgado!Master barely noticed them at all and was basically sane-but-evil, but Crispy and particularly Ainley were getting progressively more affected. And then of course Roberts is the result of the goosnake gambit which is particularly OTT as a way to bring yourself back, and it's all downhill from there. (It is all a horrible literalisation of mental illness, though, isn't it? Ick.) This would fit in with the idea of burning up lifeforce or whatever.
  • I have this horrible fear that the Time Lords are going to take over the Earth via the Master (if they are in his head, and now he is everyone, maybe they can bust out) in a whole sort of vaguely Dead-Romance-y way. And then this whole rumour about S5 being in a parallel universe is actually that the Time Lords have taken this Earth off to be New Gallifrey (OOH, that would make sense of the Master's gubbins in LotTL, 'cos I never quite saw that as in character, that desire to do that; but if he was acting on subconscious signals from Timeys in his head it might make sense) and Moffat!Earth is a new cryptoformed version. But I am fairly convinced that that's me allowing the "RTD v Moff" thing that fandom does seriously when we know that they fanboy each other excessively. I do think that Moff asked for the Time Lords to come back, but evil, and RTD is setting that up for him.
  • Tiny minor thing: the contrived nature of hiding the crap Obama-a-like was awful, better just to do without that strand of things entirely. And magic wand to fix the recession (that's pretty much already over, in official statistics terms, everywhere but the UK)? Meh.
  • I am sure I have other thoughts but they haven't percolated yet.
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