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Questions meme

Meme from drho:

Leave me a comment saying "Resistance is Futile" I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity. Update your journal with the answers to the questions. Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

1. If you had the power to bring back a Classic Who character or two, whom would you choose?

I probably wouldn't, to be honest. There are only two reasons to do so: to shed light on what's going on in new school (viz. SJS in School Reunion being the "this is your possible future, Rose" mirror) or to satisfy some fanwanky desire to tie up a loose end somewhere or just see them again. The former is worthwhile but not being in Moffat's head I wouldn't know who or what would be appropriate, and in the latter case it's hard to think of ones whose stories aren't more or less done within old school (witness the way SJS in School Reunion is nothing to do with anything that had been done with her before or has been done with her since, and her characterisation is completely twisted to enable her to mirror Rose). Even if there were people I could think of a strong case for bringing back from the classic-fan POV, new school is not the appropriate venue for fix it fics of Zoe and Jamie's mindwipe in The War Games or whatever. The people who it's most sensible to bring back are more Time Lords other than the Master, and I'm still really Do Not Want about that.

2. What are your favorite comics and/or comic book characters?

It turns out I really like space-y stuff. So Green Lantern in DC and all the spun-out-from-Annihilation Nova/Guardians of the Galaxy/etc. stuff from Marvel. Those are the ones that really give me a happy just to be picking them up from the shop. I also have a huge soft spot for the X-Men on account of exposure to the Fox cartoon in the '90s, and I ship Scott/Emma quite a lot. Oh, and Blue Beetle and Booster Gold in DC. I shouldn't have forgotten about them. They are awesome on toast. Their Blackest Night tie in sads me quite a bit.

Oh, and Phonogram. I'm mainly chucking this in there so I don't look like the slavish follower of the big two that I in fact am, but hey. Singles Club has been utterly amazing, though I am desperately waiting for the last one so I can read them all simultaneously and understand how they link together. Plus it made me finally listen to The Pipettes and I Get It Now.

3. Mark Darcy or Daniel Cleaver: who should Bridget Jones end up with?

Neither. I like Bridget as a portrait of singledom, so I kinda don't want her to get her happy ending. 'Cos I am MEAN.

4. I know you watched Buffy. What are your thoughts on Spike?

I really like him when he's being snarky and entertaining; he genuinely has many of the best lines in a show filled with good dialogue. His getting rid of the Annoying One at the end of School Hard was a real breath of fresh air and to my mind marks one of the last pieces of the puzzle of what makes Buffy work clicking into place with the bad guys getting to be as fun to watch as the good guys. (In my recent rewatch I've come to notice the Master's dry sense of humour a lot more, but there's a lot of tedious portentous stuff in there.) I basically enjoy him on screen almost all the time, but I really can't stand all the tedious backstory stuff about how his pre-vampire self was such a woobie and especially the implication that our opinion of vampire!Spike should be changed by that knowledge. I could happily jettison all of his flashbacks set in the 19th century without a second thought, but most especially that awful bit about siring his mother. Luckily none of it has too much of a negative impact on his characterisation, except for some chunks of S7. (Oh, god. I am taking a break on said rewatch at the moment between S6 and S7, and that stuff at the end of S6 is so annoying. The dialogue between Spike and the give-him-his-soul-back-demon is written in such an info-hidey way, it drives me up the wall.) I even mostly like him in Angel S5.

5. What question(s) did you hope someone would ask, during the last question meme? (Whether you answer that question is up to you.)

I honestly can't remember now. Wanky stuff about the details of whatever the latest Torchwood arguments were, I suspect. I did that meme because I was fed up of allowing myself to feel that modding the meme somehow bars me from expressing my opinions. I'm perfectly capable of making modding decisions based on things other than my personal biases, and I've now come to realise(/delude myself, maybe, I dunno) that the people who whine about biased mods are just incapable of imagining doing that sort of compartmentalisation when it comes to their own feelings. So I've stopped caring.

This whole "400-page pdf of batshit" thing is utterly hilarious, though.

(I'm not promising to be particularly timely with questions for you if you do go all Borg-like on me, mind. On the other hand, I am mainly doing this out of procrastination, so.)
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