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Honest opinions meme

I'm disappointed; none of you asked anything really wanky, though I'd have been happy to tell the truth. I did consider cheating and adding the questions that would prompt the rants I really want to write, but that wouldn't really be in the spirit of it. (Free opinion, though: if Torchwood hadn't had a Who connection, I'd have given up on it in disgust after the first Day One.)

What possessed you to mod who_anon?

The desire to lose friends and alienate people, obviously.

Oh, OK, serious answer:

I think there are many valuable things about the meme and I'd like to help to keep the things I value about it going. It would be foolish to pretend that everything that goes on there is fantastically savoury but it would be a lie to say that one of the things I value about it isn't the way it acts as wank_report for Who fandom. I've always liked fandom_wank, since back when I genuinely was a lurker in LJ fandom. It's not the only thing I value about the meme, by any stretch of the iamgination: I genuinely think that for all the wank, it's got the best signal-to-noise ratio of any Who comm or forum out there , and it's the only place in fandom where what you say isn't instantly prejudged by your position in any one (and it cuts both ways; I also don't instantly prejudge so I get to hear opinions I usually wouldn't). I've always made it a point never to say anything on the meme that I wouldn't say under this username since long before I was modding there. But there are many things that I rather would say there, because they're too inconsequential to be worth working up into a proper post, or because I want to share them with a different cross-section of fandom than that represented by my flist, or whatever.

tl;dr version: the big comms are too full of stupid, the small comms are too narrowly focused and balkanised. who_anon fills the gap wonderfully.

Anyway, point is: I value it, and as such I would much rather the things I valued about it continued. If I can help with that in a more active way than just trying to increase the signal-to-noise ratio, then I will. I realised quite a while back that it's much better to try and actually do something to change things rather than sit about whining about the state of fandom, and pretty much everything I've done that can't be ascribed to the short-term personal pleasure of doing it can be put at the feet of my desire to make fandom be more like the sort of place I would ideally like it to be. By the terrible oppressive measure of DOING STUFF.

How do you stay calm there?

This question presupposes that I do stay calm. The great thing about the Internet is the capacity for reflection and self-editing it allows. I don't do real time chat and stuff like that for the very simple reason that I am just much better at ... well, everything, but social interaction in particular, when I've had a chance to order my thoughts even slightly, though there is a very direct correlation between sleep deprivation and how well my self-editing works.

Incidentally, though: if you think that the anon meme mods are a bunch of [insert offensive term of your choice here]s for whatever reason, then you are talking about me, and if you're on my flist I'd rather you took yourself off it. Thanks.

What is your favorite episode written by Russell T Davies?

End of the World. I sometimes persuade myself that I afford it this unwarranted mythic significance in my mind because it was the episode that really made me feel that My Show was BACK on the proper Saturday night telly and everything, but every time I watch it I realise that it is just that good. It's full of awesome on so many levels, particularly all the fantastic stuff with Jabe. "Stop wasting time, Time Lord." OMG. But stuff like burning the Earth to the strains of Britney Spears and such. Awesome fun. Smith and Jones close runner-up, because it's perfect at doing what it does, i.e. selling Martha.

What unfilled prompt on the kink meme is your favorite?

I am going to give three answers to this:

Favourite prompt that I want to write someday: Zoe/Isobel, nude photography/making porn
Favourite prompt that I wish someone else would write someday: Ten/Sapphire
Favourite prompt that I left, and won't write because I have this weird thing about writing my own prompts, except for the time I got it into my head that I really wanted the first eight pages of the first post to be completely filled and realised no one else was going to write Lolita/Compassion ever: Rose/Mickey, sex tape

What sort of things do you hope for from the next season of Who? Not your expectations of Moffat, but the sorts of things you'd like to see them tackle? And what elements of the past would you like never to see again?

What I want: I would still love to see the Earth Reptiles Done Right (current spoilery rumours do not strike me as Done Right from what I've heard, but that's mainly because it's Fucking Chibnall, though apparently it's entirely possible they're not Earth Reptiles at all). I would love an arc that actually worked in both plot and character terms -- these are both things that RTD fails at epically in my view; on the plot level he thinks key words chucked in randomly are the same as an overarching through line, and on the character level he sets the end points ahead of time and then tries to force the characters into them even when he's evolved them away from the place where that end point made sense for them (he's very good at organic evolution of his characters, but this is yet another example of his chronic failure to play to his own considerable strengths -- see also his small-scale stories working much better but constantly going for widescreen nonsense). Not quite an answer to the question, I also have this feeling in my bones that Amy's gonna die, because Moff'll want to prove that it's Srs Bsns and no one's safe and he loves Fivey's era so he remembers Adric even if he'd never ever admit to any reaction to Earthshock other than "Yay!"

What I'd be happy to leave behind: that is a hard one, because one of the things I like about Who is the sense that it's this big universe that all fits together, even if the honest truth is that it doesn't really. I like it better when it's done in such a way that the recurring things hint at it being even bigger than you thought it was, rather than closing everything down into this fanwanky rubbish where everyone was at the Academy together summoning dark forces from beyond the cosmos, but in principle I don't think there's any part of the past that should be off limits. Can I cheat and say yellow plot-resolving sparklies? Even if they change colour (like they did in SJA when Mickey used artron energy to kill the Trickster), that is fine with me. I am just sick of the yellow. If I'm not allowed to cheat, then I would be happy for the Daleks to take a long Terry-Nation-is-trying-to-sell-them-in-America style break. But that's still cheating, I suppose, because the idea of them going away forever is daft.

Oh, wait! Actually, I do know the answer to that one, but it didn't occur to me until just now because it's the very opposite of what's actually happening: Gallifrey and the Time Lords. They can stay as dead as dead can be and I won't mind in the slightest. Even if the show hadn't come back, I was that one person who was happy for the EDAs to carry on indefinitely as they were. So there you go.

Is there any particular form of fannish engagement that you just. Don't. Get?

Oh, good, an easy one. Cosplay. Nothing at all against the people who do it (at least, the ones who aren't utter lookist fuckwits, which from the sort of thing I hear is a much smaller proportion than it should be) but it's just completely at right angles to the way fandom operates for me. Mainly because I don't do in-person fandom, full stop. (Again, the need to edit myself into a decent human being, basically. I can fake it for non-fannish RL purposes 90% of the time but somehow I don't think it would work in fandom.)

Your opinion of the TARDIS team of Eight and Destrii.

They're great fun. "This isn't work, blue eyes, it's pure pleasure", and all that. It's a shame we got to see so little of them, really, though at least they got to walk off into the sunset. Most of the time I'm happy to be in this branch of reality rather than the parallel universe where the show never came back and the non-BF Eight spinoffs went on much longer, but sometimes I would like Moar Destrii and Moar Fitz and such.

What do you find most surprising about fandom (good and bad)?

Good: Cheesy as all get out, but the amazing creativity. I just love that people come up with all this stuff all the time. Also, I really like it when I get nice comments on ancient fic. That counts as a surprise, right? Sad to say it makes my week.
Bad: Somewhere in the back of my mind a long time ago I bought into the idea that fandom tended to have intelligent people in it, and I still have this heart-sinking feeling every time someone is being just completely impervious-to-evidence-or-logic-or-even-the-faintest-possibility-that-they-might-be-wrong stupid. Which goes back to what I was saying about the big comms up the way somewhere.
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