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Apparently assignments are now imminent, so:


First of all, I really am super-grateful to you. I very firmly believe that optional details are optional, and DYA letters are even more optional than that, so feel free to just go elsewhere right now if you're that way inclined, but if you find that your recipient babbling incoherently about the fandoms they've chosen helps you come up with story ideas, then read on.

Here are my individual requests, with more notes on things I like about that fandom. I've included the original signup in italics as well, for context for anyone other than my assigned person reading this.

China Miéville - Bas Lag series

I am utterly in love with pretty much everything about this series, so anything at all would be great. One thing I'd like to see if you're so inclined would be something about Isaac and Bellis's relationship that's there in the backstory of the first two novels.

I love the worldbuilding in these, the strange locations that don't feel strange because they're so utterly lived-in, and Miéville's fascinating twists on "standard" fantasy creatures. I particularly love the way that magic is treated as something that is at least somewhat amenable to rational investigation. Oh, and the revolutionary politics.

I would genuinely love anything at all that used the setting in any way. If you wanted to delve into all the hinted-at backstory I'd love that (I mentioned Isaac and Bellis's backstory as one area you could explore, but on the other-than-character level some things I'm particularly keen on are the hints about the Ghosthead Empire [and the anti-Tolkien-ian conversion of the world from spherical to flat with their arrival], the Cactacae, the Weaver, and Armada from the Scar) or you could invent some wholly new part of Bas Lag that we've never seen before. Whatever floats your boat.

Babylon 5

Susan/Talia femslash (or just fic about the two of them) would be gorgeous. So would anything at all to do with Kosh and/or Lyta, either separately or together.

I am so full of squee that this is on the fandoms list. (I don't know whether I'm inventing the fact that it was previously disallowed; I may be, but if I'm not then I'm super-specially-happy.)

I did request specific characters for this, because there are certain B5 characters who do very little for me and I wanted to exclude them, but the restriction to only 4 is rather limiting and you should feel free to pretend I had Londo, Vir, Delenn, G'Kar and Bester in the mix as well. My favourite part of the arc is from about the middle of S2 up to Z'ha'dum; I love the constant doomy sense that things are just steadily getting worse and worse and worse, so if you were looking to set something during the period covered by canon that might be a nice thing to capture, but really anything at all would be fine. I am very keen on Ivanova-involving femslash, but you shouldn't in any way see it as the only thing I want, because it's not.

Iain Banks - Culture series

I love everything about the Culture, so I'd be delighted to read anything at all you wanted to write, but I would be particularly keen to see something about the sort of things the Minds get up to and/or Special Circumstances (I'm very keen on Diziet Sma, but any other character, or an OC, would be equally lovely).

I often pretend not to have a favourite author, but I totally do and it's totally Banks. I love that he steals shamelessly and innovates almost without thinking about it, throwing away ideas in a one-liner that lesser authors would build a trilogy from. I love that the Culture books are equal parts enormous self-indulgence to thought-out extrapolation of a techno-utopian post-scarcity society. I have absolutely no problem with his really blatant political posturing, because I agree with 90% of it. The one thing I'm not spectacularly keen on is the incest, but eh, he does tend to sell it quite well.

My very favourite Culture book is probably the ultra-widescreen exploration of the setting in Excession, but I do really adore all of them. I have an Iain Banks tag which contains my thoughts on Matter and Steep Approach to Garbadale (and depending on when you read this may or may not include my thoughts on Transition if I bother to commit them to LJ), if that's at all helpful.

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

The best thing on TV this decade, IMO. Write anything at all in any way connected to it and I am guaranteed to love it.

Shamingly, I initially assumed this was a cheesy cash-in, and only started watching at the beginning of S2 out of my Shirley Manson love, and it did take a little while to draw me in (I still haven't completely caught up, though I'm hopeful of receiving the complete box set soon), but looking back I was a complete fool: I really do adore everything about this series: all of the central characters and their complex relationships, the mindbending time travel stuff, the exploration of the nature of machine intelligence ... It's superb stuff and I would love anything at all that linked to it in any way. (Again, I have a tag, if you want to see the sorts of burblings it inspires from me.)

If you are looking for something more specific to go on and it's the sort of thing you might go for, I've never been able to find (or make work from the writing POV) the dark and disturbing Jesse/Riley fic of my dreams. But really, anything in any way connected to it. I meant that sincerely.

Other than that, my squicks are non-con, incest and RPF, though in the right circumstances I can be convinced by all of those if done well (I'm not at all keen on romance-novel and-then-she-loved-him-really-and-it-was-all-all-right "dub con", though).

If you want them, here are my DYAs from 2007 and 2008; everything said in them still applies, apart from the specific fandom stuff.

Thank you SO MUCH,
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