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That SJA with the well-spoilery title and the Doctor in it

Finally watched it via iPlayer. OMG so good. It bothers me a bit that the kids' spinoff tends to manage to do certain aspects of these things better than either the parent show or the supposedly grown-up spinoff.

  • I am sure I have read "Ten crashes companion's wedding" about twenty times in fic. It is nice to see that it is pretty much just as cracky in canon.
  • The second episode was all a bit Sapphire and Steel in places. I sometimes think that's a bigger influence on some of the writers than old school.
  • It does make me marginally grumpy when they retcon away the BF audios with all that "oh I spent so long being alone", 'cos I love Nat and Josh and such. And the next week trailer seems to suggest they're recapitulating one of the stories quite closely, so, erm. Anyway. It is obviously inevitable, much like the ignoring-Torchwood that goes on that seems to aggravate some people so intensely.
  • Rani is totally my favourite now, she had so many awesome moments (the way she ordered Clyde inside near the beginning of pt 1, and her squeeful reaction to the realisation that Sarah's got a bloke) though I do love that they all get stuff to do and that the creators are chucking in shippy bits for every possible pairing going. (That Luke/Rani bit where he sees in the bridesmaid dress was lovely.) This is one of those things where I think SJA >>> Who, the way it seems to be being written in a multishippy type way rather than pushing an OTP. (Except that I doubt they're thinking in ship terms, which is why it ends up that way.)
  • Back when I was slightly younger, Nigel Havers was all over the telly, and this made me realise that I actually kind of miss him.
  • I love Clyde's interaction with K9, the way he loves getting to have a robot dog. And hiding him under the table and all that sort of thing. Brilliant. AND THEN IN PART TWO HE GETS SUPERCHARGED WITH TARDIS SPARKLIES. Quick rewrite of current fic to change the colour of the artron energy, excuse me for a second.
  • Not much for the awesome Gita and Haresh to do this week, but Gita's line about how grown-up Rani was was lovely. They must have cottonned on by now, mustn't they? Mustn't they? Can we have them being blase about it next week or the week after when Rani tries to come up with some really bad "light that refracted off of Venus into some swamp gas" style explanation? (I did miss the very end of Prisoner of the Judoon, was it dealt with there at all?)
  • She totally wanted Three to give her away really. Otherwise why mention Metebelis 3 in particular, except that that's the last place that Doctor was around? Which says interesting things about her relationships with different Doctors and such, but I can see how he'd be the one who'd work in a situation like that.
  • I thought it was a brilliant plotline, brilliantly handled and somehow so much more gut-wrenching than the likes of Father's Day. Maybe because they made SJS talk Peter into sacrificing himself, rather than having him cotton on by himself? Or do I have different standards for the amount of bashing over the head with what to feel I'll tolerate between explicitly-made-for-kiddies TV and kiddie-friendly TV? And what is it with the "You have lived past your time; everything has its time and everything ends; please to be sacrificing yourself now" people both being called Peter, huh? That is a bit odd, but probably unintentional. (Also, his how-I-met-the-Trickster flashback was deliberately filmed to look like an Injury Lawyers 4U ad, to subliminally suggest that ambulance chasers are as evil as the Pantheon of Discord, y/y?)
  • I did think the script did very well with having the Doctor come in but not having him take over -- Clyde's the one who gets to do the actual facing off against the monster (also: he takes notes! :D), Sarah Jane gets encouraged by Ten to talk Peter into his self-sacrifice (but she would have figured it out on her own), and Rani and Luke both got to be concerned about their parents rather than just worshipping him. All very well done. I could have done without the standing-by-the-console moping pose at the end, but eh.
  • I adored the bit with the kids in the TARDIS. Everything about it was love. It makes me want all of them as companions, but particularly Rani actually, because I like companions who have a rapport with the TARDIS and she called it beautiful.
  • Oh, and new crack ship: Clyde/Ace, based on mutual desire to see dinosaurs.

So someone on the meme (I really have no idea whether this is something people are making up entirely, as I don't follow spoilers religiously, I just don't go out of my way to avoid them) mentioned a possibility of a Silurian episode ... written by Chibnall. I think that is pretty much the only thing that could make me not want Silurians. But another anon reckons it's just lizard-people rather than specifically Silurians. I shall cross my fingers.

I need an SJA icon, I think.
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