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42: immediate reaction

  • Yay! Goldmine for shippiness. The "frequent flyer privileges" bits at the beginning and the end (I eagerly await the inevitable post-ep "y'know, frequent flyers also get the opportunity to join the Parsec High Club" fic) about the phone and the key just annoyed me, though -- they made me think "About time too!" more than "Squee!" But all the rest of the stuff about believing in each other and saving each other was yayness.
  • And double yay! Proper SF! (As much as Who ever does proper SF.) It was like all the good "gritty space future" elements of Impossible Pit/Satan Planet, only with the horrible supernatural nonsense at the core of the story surgically removed and replaced with My Single Favouritest Ever SF Idea Ever In The History Of All SF -- living suns! OK, it's a living sun that can magically possess people, but it's DW. Everyone can possess people in DW.
  • But! My big problem with the ep, which stopped me from getting as fully involved in it as I'd have liked, was the contrived feeling I got from a lot of it because of the "real time" format. I don't think it was really necessary except as a gimmick and the gimmickiness of it was apparent, particularly in the way the computer would suddenly announce whatever information was needed to be dispensed at a given moment. That's a drama detecting AI, there, that is. The message about respecting the rights of living suns is kind of lost for me when you're clearly enslaving your ship's computer and stopping it from achieving its full potential as a film trailer voiceover artiste.
  • The Francine conflict still feels a bit contrived, too, to be honest, whatever information the Saxon camp is feeding her (if she'd been all "the Doctor's dangerous, you have to get away from him", that'd have been coolness, but this was "you're so rude, why have you changed so much in two whole days?"). When Jackie talked about how Rose had changed there was some good history there to back it up. I think the One Year Gap gave us a lot of mileage that "oh, yeah, this is the guy I met yesterday; we do ... stuff" doesn't.
  • Overall, I think Chibnall's got quite a lot better and/or not being able to be adult makes him better and/or he should be allowed to write scripts but not be in charge. The second series of Torchwood will help me to decide.
  • Despite the slightly pastede feeling of it in this ep, I am looking forward to finding out what's happening Saxon-wise. I liked the People In Black. I wish we could have seen her screen and some sort of hint that actually they had tech that could trace a call across time and space.
  • I want to look forward to Human Nature but I'm still not over the fact that it's gratuitously messing up the NAs' canonicity (for a benchmark, here: the lack of acknowledgement of SJS having met the Doctor since Hand of Fear still rankles me a bit with School Reunion, even though Five Doctors is as shafted as Inty by that) and I'm worried about how it will interact with the Ship. Because really I feel it needs Martha to be a lot further along the journey of companionhood than she is at this point. Maybe I will decide that the Ten/Martha books all go in the gap between this episode and the next, and that will make me happier.


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