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Just done a bit of a flist-trim. Mostly about time I have to read vs time it takes to read, but the odd bout of paranoia too. Do feel free to PM if you're perturbed in any way. And every day is Defriending Amnesty Day round these parts, in case that needed to be said.

While we're sort of on the topic, I'm conscious that I remain as useless as always at responding to people's posts in any sort of constructive way, because in the absence of telepathy actually working thinking good thoughts at you doesn't really help. *hugs* to all as need them and congratulations to everyone who's had good things and ... oh, well, you get the idea. Pretend I'm better at this than I really am, is the subtext.

I have decided that part of my malaise at the moment is that I'm not doing enough of the sort of fannish stuff I actually enjoy (i.e. writing fic); this is allied to, but separate from, my issue with feeling oppressed by the stuff I haven't done. To combat both of these, I've joined lizbee's 666words thing [plug, plug, plug] which is a 40%-of-nano-but-the-words-can-be-on-anything thing, in the hope that it will encourage me to deal with all the stuff I haven't. I will probably do boring word-count-ish posts as I go along, but they would potentially be very spammy so here is a poll (the second option on the first question is fairly pointless, come to think of it; I will only add people who opt in):

Poll #1477633 Filtration poll
This poll is closed.

Do you want to be on the incredibly dull word counts filter?


Obligatory poll option is obligatory.

Ticky box
The avalanche has started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote.

ETA: Just remembered the other thing I was going to say. The idea that I'm going to have a month of "This is the Voice of Light City, welcome to your new workday; today is High Productivity Day"s kind of tempts me to sign up for Yuletide after all. Please to be dissuading me. Or suggesting fandoms. I wanna stay away from Britcoms this year if I do do it.

ETA 2: Closed the poll as I've now made the filter. I'm still happy to add people, though; just shout in the comments.
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