Lurky McLurklurk (ionlylurkhere) wrote,
Lurky McLurklurk

October To Do List

I am posting this publicly because I am utterly sick of feeling like I can't get on and do shiny things A, B and C because I've been super-faily and still not done X, Y and Z that I was supposed to do ages ago. But I am still determined to do X, Y and Z 'cos dammit I want more than anything else to stop failing. October should give me a decent-ish amount of free time so I am going to get my hands on some round tuits. Basically, by putting this all out there I will have the extra motivation of avoiding the shame of not doing the things I said I would, but a slight element of feeling free to take on new things to put on the bottom of it.

  1. That one beta that You-Know-Who-You-Are has been patiently waiting on for ... *checks* ... OMFG well over a month now. I am so sorry. Right, fuck it, I am doing that tomorrow night without fail.
  2. Finish bluesuit_fic fic. I know how all of it works, I just have to make there be words in the right order. Dammit, when did that get so difficult?
  3. Answers to that Top 5 Meme from forever ago. This will be good for rebooting my squee. (It is not that I don't have squee at the moment -- I mean, FFS, Tom and Camilla did their show dance again on the first weekend of Strictly -- but it just seems to be squee with a really short half-life that leaves me back to feeling somewhere between exhausted and miserable within an hour.)
  4. Sometime before the end of the year finish that DW S1 rewatch I was doing. (I can't put off Father's Day forever, even if The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith is distressingly full of how-it-should-be-done-ness.)
  5. Type up my thoughts on This Town Will Never Let Us Go, seeing as how I did reread it and made notes and everything.
  6. Keep the kink meme master lists vaguely up to date.

(OTOH, if I look like I'm even thinking about even glancing at the Yuletide fandom list, KICK ME HARD and point me back to this post, k?)
Tags: whininess

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