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That meme

This is that meme where you do the first lines of your last 20 fics (which rather neatly takes me back to last year's bluesuit_fic, this year's version of which is what this is procrastination from writing), last seen with everyone. It is in order of posting-to-Teaspoon-ness, out of my laziness.

  1. "You're going to need to get a job, you know."
  2. "Pizza!" Gwen called as she kicked the door closed behind her.
  3. The Brigadier marched into the lab in his customary good order, swagger stick tucked beneath his elbow and cap perfectly aligned.
  4. Leela stalks through the forest with a deliberate stride. She is light years and millennia from the place of her birth, yet perfectly at home.
  5. Donna clung onto the console for dear life as the TARDIS shuddered through its materialisation.
  6. Martha walked through the deserted school, not entirely sure she was going in the right direction.
  7. Tom wasn't sure which he saw first: Martha, or the sign she was holding up saying "THOMAS MILLIGAN" in neatly lettered black marker pen.
  8. Martha clutched her phone as though it was a magical talisman, an object of power that could draw things to her across desolate wastes of space and time. Which, in a way, it was.
  9. Martha shudders as the Doctor comes inside her.
  10. Duggan looked down at the replicant lying on the tarmac with satisfaction.
  11. The object sat at an impossible angle to reality, humming with subtle power.
  12. Barbara watches Ian sleep.
  13. The Doctor sipped the tea Ace had made for him and made a face for just long enough that she knew she'd made a mess of it.
  14. "What do you think of this one?" asked Shou Yuing, stroking the soft fabric of a short V-necked dress.
  15. Benny clambered into the shuttle with her bag slung over her shoulder.
  16. When the man steps aboard, Iris is under the dashboard executing a particularly tricky piece of rerouting on my exitonic circuitry.
  17. Compassion drifted in the Vortex, bathed in a million million signals.
  18. Ace McShane was good at killing Daleks.
  19. "Come on, Martha, it'll be fun. And it'll be good for us to have fun. You said that."
  20. The motorcycle charges down the road, engine revving noisily.

Obvious observations: I write about Martha a lot, don't I? Martha and TARDISes. And increasingly about Aaaaaaace, who I used to be dead scared of Doing Wrong. All of those are written to a prompt of some description (mostly ficathons, some stuff from Fall Fandom Free For All, a few kink memes), with the exception of the Battlefield tag which was written like the very next day after I'd watched it on DVD so I think the episode itself kind of counts as the prompt there. It is not that I don't have other ideas, but I tend to need the stick of not-flaking-out or whatever to make me finish stuff. In terms of the first lines themselves, they seem to tend towards "in media res, but the reader can start making educated guesses that will almost certainly be right straight away", with occasional grand declarative statements. I think I do sometimes rely on the headers to convey information that really ought to be in the fic itself.

I have just realised that being lazy and using Teaspoon is actually wrongness, because I wrote this one fic in another fandom, no really I did. So between 15 and 16 should be:

15a. Buffy whistled quietly as she walked up the corridor to her dorm room.

but I am too lazy to go back and change it now.

(Erm, yes, I do know I haven't done any of those DVD commentaries yet, but I will do them next week. And I did get your email, biichan, and will attend to it later today. I wish I had a good excuse for being a flake this week, but the simple fact of the matter is that I reinstalled Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords on Monday and have been playing it pretty much non-stop ever since. OMGsuchanawesomegameshameabouttheendingbutnevermind)
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