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Torchwood: CoE #4

I had thoughts this time. Not that I didn't have thoughts the previous three times, they just didn't feel worth expressing here. These ones aren't really worth expressing here either, but express them I shall.

(The main thought from before is HUGE squee over Martha's honeymoon, though, obviously. Because it is very blatantly Tom. And there needs to be fic.)

OK, first of all, Rusty's topicality. That's basically a very to-the-point filleting of fucking league tables that got viewed by more people than ever pay attention to the news, so \o/. (I do wonder a bit whether Ianto's family would have turned out to be so working class if they hadn't needed people that would affect directly around -- they famously Had No Bible so they can't possibly turn round and say that that background for Ianto had been planned all along.) A bit fail on the "we'll say it's a jab against speaking in unison" thing, though, which seems to be trying to play on MMR and such in ways that make me a bit grumpy.

RTD also obviously really liked Moffat's "we're in a library, look me up!" thing from S4, since he just reused it wholesale there, didn't he?

Oh, OK, Ianto's dead and slightly surprisingly that's the main thing I want to talk about. Not that he wasn't obviously doomed. I liked the way it was handled, except that it was that typical RTD thing of not finding a proper space for the emotional stuff in between the plot and just ramming it in and ignoring the logic -- the whole pull away to COBRA having been watching the whole thing was horrendously bathetic. It would have been easy to jiggle the plot slightly to create a breathing space for that scene without it looking like Jack had just given up on fighting back and just, well, making it fit better. It's like the Doctor/Rose reunion scene at the end of Stolen Earth, minus any Daleky undercutting.

Also, though, I do kinda think that Jack doesn't ever forget and that's why in 5.5/apple/whenever he's so desperate to keep the Newn Yorkers on the motorway alive because the whole thing of an entire planet dying of virus very quickly reminded him of Ianto's death and it was tragic and awful for him and so on and I kind of want there to be fic of this but I have a sneaking and grotesquely unfair suspicion that the Venn diagram of the set of people who write Jack/Ianto fic and the set of people who are really really against Jack being the Face would show a large overlap.

OTOH, mad-spec-wise: maybe Jack's magic immortality is suddenly transferrable by kissing (if he means it enough, or something, 'cos obviously otherwise half the population's immortal) and we're going to get Ianto waking up tomorrow. (Yes, I very much doubt it. No, I haven't heard and don't want to hear the too-early-DVD spoilers.)

ETA other thoughts I had forgotten I had until reading posts on the flist: Lois is very good, I like her a lot. And I feel like I am a badfan for being unable to squee unilaterally over Gwen/Rhys because every time they have a cute moment I go "awwww" and then a bit of my brain goes "she cheated on him with Owen, she cheated on him with Owen, that scene in Countrycide was squicky in the extreme, and she cheated on him with Owen". My subconscious is, apparently, way judgey, and what I can't shake is the feeling that if it had been with someone I approved of more I wouldn't have minded nearly so much.
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