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And now, the squeeful post

  1. \o/ tardis_bigbang fics are live; mine is called Meeting at Infinity and is here. At 47,000 words, it is by a long way the longest thing I have ever wrote. AND IT HAS ART. I HAVE NEVER HAD ART FOR A FIC BEFORE, OMG. WOW. It is pretty much exactly as horrendously self-indulgent as I constantly accuse RTD of being in his finales, though I feel I have slightly more of an excuse in that no one paid me for it or wasted the time of talented telly people to make it into anything other than words on a page. Essentially, it is my attempt to do Martha/Tom epic shipfic (so, appealing to quite the tiniest fannish demographic ever) with slightly more of a plot than the standard shipfic "A stares moodily out of window, wondering if B really likes them; B admits they like A; then they done sex" type thing (there is no sex, btw; 'tis a PG). In the interests of plugging it, here are some things it has in it in between the epic Martha-Tom-ery that may or may not excite you:

    • Various other things about Martha in between her TW S2/DW S4 appearances that don't directly relate to Tom, including Francine and Tish getting to be a bit awesome in their special ways
    • Gratuitous Time Monster sequelising
    • Malcolm offa Planet of the Dead
    • Quite a bit of Torchwood action (including a bit where Myfanwy fights a Reaper)
    • A little soupcon of Faction Paradox-y stuff, because apparently I cannot leave Loz Miles influences out of anything ever
    • A bit that at least one of my betas thought made the blowing up of the Paradox Machine at the end of Last of the Time Lords make something resembling sense
    • Ultra-supreme relevance to the present moment (or, rather, Friday, which is when the whole of the final part is set; I am super-chuffed that the TBB mods managed to get it up so that the date hadn't passed, and am going to upload it to Teaspoon on that day out of -- again -- massive self-indulgence)

  2. By a rather neat coincidence, the fruition of the thing that has been eating my time for ages and ages coincides with a fairly dramatic dropoff in the amount of stuff I have to do at work-work that will continue until I start Not-Quite-Dream Job in September. So now I have TIME for things, which makes me very happy. Specifically, the things I have time for will include:

    • Reading all the lovely stories people wrote in the henriettastreet ficathon.
    • Reading the story peeeeeeet sent me a long while ago now (v sry)
    • Reading the story primsong wrote for me in I can barely bear to say it a Christmas ficathon (v v v sry)
    • Catching up on Ashes to Ashes (I am about to watch ep 5 on the iPlayer with no time at all to spare before it expires; this has been the pattern with every ep since the first one. It is being awesome though; pls no spoilers)
    • Finishing my long-procrastinated-because-I-don't-want-to-have-to-deal-with-the-treatment-of-Adam-in-the-otherwise-underrated-Long-Game NuWho S1 rewatch
    • Rereading the Faction Paradox novels (because I loved pretty much all of them, with the exception of the first one which I wouldn't pretend to have actually understood); would it be worth posting review-y type things here or am I the only Miles-obsessive?

  3. Er, it occurs to me that I may have failed to mention Not-Quite-Dream Job here, but, er, yes, it happened a while ago and best of all it is PERMANENT, so yay.
  4. Having spent a fairly large chunk of today searching for some option to turn Font Smoothing back on even though I wasn't aware of having turned it off, or something, because my screen seemed all slightly blurry, I finally took the slightly bizarre computer-diagnostics step of cleaning my glasses. Yes, I know.

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