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OK, so it looks like I am going to be making two posts tonight

  1. Dear idiots on pushbikes (I refuse to call these particular individuals cyclists): Yes, the one way signs do so apply to you. So do the red lights. Please stop trying to commit suicide by getting me to drive over your unhelmeted self by behaving in ways that I cannot possibly predict from any reasonable extrapolation of the rules of the road. Thank you.
  2. Sorry. This warnings thing is filling me with rage (which as you can see I am displacing onto hapless bike-idiots). elliptic_eye wrote an excellent and excellently concise response here, and I wrote the tl;dr version repeatedly over at cot_after_dark repeatedly, so here is the summary. If your answer to the question:
    Which symbol should replace the question mark in this expression:

    the expressed feelings of other people who have suffered serious trauma
    the "artistic integrity" of your fanfic

    1. >>
    2. >
    3. =
    4. <
    5. <<

    is anything other than A, then you have no integrity. Not the artistic type of integrity, just the regular, decent-human-being kind.
  3. Yes, that was me publicly desocking (the hand-up-the-arse metaphor feels particularly apropos here, somehow). Not that it's not been an open secret for a while and plenty of people guessed ages ago away. But I feel no compunction in desocking, as I'm not planning on going back to it; given shannon730's apparent missing of the key points and the fact at the time of the ridiculous wank that momdaegmorgan and sinecure were both CoT-mods, and according to the site both continue to be so, I really, really don't feel like I want to have anything to do with the CoT awards even in the completely-unofficially-only-vaguely-associated sense of reviewing some of the nominees.
  4. OK, so it looks like I do want to say more things. So much for this just being the summary version.
  5. I want to go on record with the fact shannon730's invocation of Buffy fandom as somehow "tougher" than DW does not fit with my personal experience, and in fact it was where I cut my fannish teeth and developed the attitudes to such things that I continue to hold to this day.
  6. The Not Getting It-ness of the "I won't warn" people fills me with rage. The Not Getting It-ness of the "there is nothing to warn for here" people SCARES me.
  7. There is a whole bunch of other stuff I want to say about how all this intersects (or, rather, completely and totally doesn't intersect) with kink and some other stuff, but I don't think this is quite the time. Suffice to say that "safe, sane and consensual" are good words to live by, and that I have always really meant it when it comes to the third bullet point in the kink meme profile, so if you are aware of any fics that might have issues in that regard, please say so here or PM me.

    The other post is going to be happy and squeeful and forward-looking, really honestly truly. But probably won't be for a bit, because I am hoping to use it to plug my tardis_bigbang fic when it goes live.
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